As much as this title sounds like clickbait, reading this will make you $380. This is a list of opportunities to make money online.

Maybe you are at the end of this week’s budget or maybe you just need a few dollars for beer money. Either way we have all been there, and PROPHET has got your back. So, here is a few ideas for income that are not stock related.

Don’t get this mixed up for passive income ideas. These won’t make you rich, just as the title suggests $380 richer. For passive income ideas in Australia check out our article, How Everyone Can Earn Passive Income in 2021

METHOD 1: $50

This one applies to QLD road users. CTP or Compulsory Third-Party insurance is the insurance that is part of your car rego every year in QLD. It is separate from comprehensive car insurance and is compulsory in QLD. The thing is there are four companies that offer CTP. All pretty much offer the same coverage, and all are the same price. But Suncorp and QBE have a promo where you can easily switch to them online and earn a $50 voucher.

Here’s a link to the QLD government website Here

Here’s a link to change to Suncorp: Here

Prophets Trusted Affiliate Partner

Here’s a link to change to QBE:

Method 2: $100

Every few months there’s always a bank trying to get you to switch to them offering a sum of money to coax you over. Now HSBC is offering a $100 bonus to new customers, the catch is you must deposit $2K every month for 3 consecutive months once you open your account. So admittedly there is a little bit of work involved in this one.

Here’s the link if you’re interested:


Alternatively, this link keeps track of all these bank deals so you can check back for easier ones or use this method multiple times: Here!

Method 3: $10

RAIZ is a revolutionary micro-investing app based in Australia that we have recommended for years. We even dedicated a few pages of our book to it  From time to time they have sign up bonuses. Y can earn an easy $5 by using our referral code: JK89KR

Bonus tip: After using our referral code, get your mate to sign up using yours to get an additional $5 referral bonus.

Method 4: $20

There are a few sites that allow you to do easy quizzes to earn gift cards for Coles, Xbox or Flexi gift cards. ‘Valued opinions’ pay $5 per survey, and they’re relatively easy and pain-free. Taking around 10 minutes each. Here’s the link:

METHOD 5: $200

The website ‘Realtime research’ offers a step up from method 4. This website conducts online skype interviews about a bunch of topics. These generally take around 30mins-1hour for 1 day to 1 week, and the payouts range from around $100 to $300. Not bad at all. Be sure to check them out here:

So now you are $380 richer thanks to PROPHET’s easy tips. Yeah, we know it is not much. But it’s more than enough to check out our book: Prophet Invest: The Gateway to Investing. Available here.

This book will explore the world of investing. It will teach you everything we have learnt over the years and the mistakes we have made so you can learn from them and learn with us. Be sure to check it out. On sale now.

This article was written in April 2021. Every few months will come back with some more ideas to keep your wallet topped up. Check back shortly.

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