Suncorp Dividend, Suncorp Dividend dates, Suncorp dividend History

The entire banking sector offers extremely lucrative dividend yields. It’s easy to see why bank stocks are a favorite amongst yield investors. This article will report in detail, the Suncorp Dividend.

Suncorp Dividend Snapshot

Suncorp Dividend, Suncorp Dividend dates, Suncorp dividend History
DPS (Trailing 12-Month)$0.36
Gross DPS (Trailing 12-Month)$0.5143
Dividend yield2.86%
Gross yield4.08%
Payout Ratio81%
DRP Discount

Suncorp Dividend Dates 2021

Suncorp Dividend, Suncorp Dividend dates, Suncorp dividend History
SummaryInterim DividendFinal Dividend
Ex-div date15 February 202113 August 2021
Pay date17 June 202117 September 2021

Suncorp Dividend History Graph

The Banking sector has been one of the favorites for investors over the years due to its decent returns and solid dividend history. It’s no surprise why the sector makes up around 30% of the entire market index. Over the past decade, big banking stocks have managed to maintain a steady flow of income for investors, with an exception of the COVID dip.

Suncorp typically announces a dividend with the release of its half-year results in February and full-year results in August as seen in their financial calendar. SUN Dividends are typically paid twice a year, in April (interim dividend) and September/October (final dividend).

Suncorp has paid dividends every year since 1989. Including the COVID-19 recessionary period. All dividends have been fully franked. They also offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP).

Suncorp Yield Comparison

SUN’s current gross dividend yield is 4.08%. This is below the four big banks (CBAWBC, NAB, ANZ).

The current SUN yield of 4.08% far exceeds the Average Term Deposit rate of 0.4%

Suncorp Dividend, Suncorp Dividend dates, Suncorp dividend History

Net Suncorp Dividend Yield Over Time

We can see Suncorp’s net dividend yield has averaged a rate of around 7%. From this, we can see Suncorp’s current net yield of 2.86% is below its historic average.

Prophets Trusted Affiliate Partner

We can see the yield spike in 2020 due to a significant share price reduction. This yield tapered off as the share price increased, but earnings were still impacted.

Suncorp Dividend, Suncorp Dividend dates, Suncorp dividend History

Suncorp Dividend Payout Ratio

Suncorp Dividend, Suncorp Dividend dates, Suncorp dividend History

A companies dividend payout ratio is the ratio of the total dividend sum paid out relative to the net income of the company. It is the percentage of earnings paid to shareholders in dividends.

The FY21 full-year dividend represented a payout ratio of 79.3% of cash earnings at the top of the Group’s 60% to 80% target range, returning to pre-COVID-19 payout ratios.

Based on current averages SUN’s payout ratio is around 81%, which we expect to remain constant for the foreseeable future.

So far in 2021, we have seen SUN payout its interim dividend of 26 cents, final dividend of 40 cents, a special dividend of 8 cents and an on-market share buy-back.

The Board has declared a fully franked final ordinary dividend of 40 cents per share. This brings total fully franked ordinary dividends for FY21 to 66 cents per share. In addition, the Board has declared a fully franked 8 cent special dividend and has announced an on-market share buyback of up to $250 million.

Suncorp Dividend, Suncorp Dividend dates, Suncorp dividend History

After the proposed returns, we will continue to hold almost $400 million in excess capital at the Group level.

SUN has $471 Million in franking credits, this leaves the group well equipped to maintain fully-franked dividends.

Suncorp Share Price

Suncorp Dividend Policy

Dividend policy: Suncorp maintains its commitment to a 60-80% dividend payout ratio.

Dividend payout ratio (excluding special dividend)79.360.781.285.881.9
Dividend payout ratio (including special dividend)88.960.790.595.281.9

The business remains committed to returning to shareholders any capital that is excess to the needs of the business. Capital requirements will be continually reassessed taking into account the needs of the business, the economic outlook and any regulatory guidance.

When will my Suncorp Dividends be Paid?

Suncorp Dividend, Suncorp Dividend dates, Suncorp dividend History

The Group typically announces a dividend with the release of its half-year results in February and full-year results in August.  Dividends are typically paid twice a year, in April (interim dividend) and September (final dividend).  Payment dates are listed on the financial calendar

SUN Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

Suncorp Dividend, Suncorp Dividend dates, Suncorp dividend History
RIO Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) Facts

A DRIP or dividend reinvestment plan allows investors to automatically reinvest their dividends for additional shares in the company. Using this method, the investor will still receive the franking credit and will still be taxed on the cash value of their dividend. 

The simplest way to elect to participate in a company’s DRIP is through the related share registry (i.e. Computershare or Link Market Services).

  • In Computershare it’s as simple as going ‘my profile’- ‘Reinvestment plans’ and selecting the company and electing to participate in full or partially. That is either the entire amount or a partial amount of your dividend is reinvested.
  • On Link you simply click view details of the company of interest and update it in the ‘payments and tax’ section.

For more information check out our ASX DRIP VS NON-DRIP Guide

Suncorp Dividend History

Distribution TypeDividendFrankingEx-dividend datePayment date
H F Result48¢100%13 Aug 202122 Sep 2021
Result26¢100%15 Feb 20211 Apr 2021
H F Result10¢100%26 Aug 202021 Oct 2020
Result26¢100%19 Feb 202031 Mar 2020
Special Event39¢0%30 Sep 201924 Oct 2019
H F Result44¢100%14 Aug 201925 Sep 2019
Result100%1 Apr 20193 May 2019
Result26¢100%20 Feb 20192 Apr 2019
H F Result48¢100%15 Aug 201819 Sep 2018
Result33¢100%21 Feb 20185 Apr 2018
H F Result40¢100%16 Aug 201720 Sep 2017
Result33¢100%21 Feb 20173 Apr 2017
H F Result38¢100%12 Aug 201621 Sep 2016
Result30¢100%18 Feb 20161 Apr 2016
H F Result50¢100%11 Aug 201522 Sep 2015
Result38¢100%18 Feb 20151 Apr 2015
H F Result70¢100%20 Aug 20141 Oct 2014
Interim35¢100%24 Feb 20141 Apr 2014
Final50¢100%26 Aug 20131 Oct 2013
Interim25¢100%25 Feb 20132 Apr 2013
Final35¢100%27 Aug 20121 Oct 2012
Interim20¢100%27 Feb 20122 Apr 2012
Final20¢100%29 Aug 20113 Oct 2011
Interim15¢100%28 Feb 20111 Apr 2011
Final20¢100%30 Aug 20101 Oct 2010
Interim15¢100%1 Mar 20101 Apr 2010
Final20¢100%28 Aug 20091 Oct 2009
Interim20¢100%27 Feb 20091 Apr 2009
Final55¢100%29 Aug 20081 Oct 2008
Interim52¢100%4 Mar 20081 Apr 2008
Final55¢100%30 Aug 20071 Oct 2007
Interim52¢100%1 Mar 200716 Mar 2007
Final50¢100%6 Sep 20062 Oct 2006
Interim47¢100%1 Mar 20063 Apr 2006
Final$1.20100%31 Aug 20053 Oct 2005
Interim42¢100%2 Mar 20051 Apr 2005
Final40¢100%1 Sep 20041 Oct 2004
Interim30¢100%2 Mar 20042 Apr 2004
Final30¢100%3 Sep 20033 Oct 2003
Interim26¢100%5 Mar 200331 Mar 2003
Final29¢100%9 Sep 20021 Oct 2002
Interim25¢100%5 Mar 20022 Apr 2002
Final28¢100%10 Sep 200128 Sep 2001
Interim24¢100%5 Mar 200130 Mar 2001
Final24¢100%18 Sep 200013 Oct 2000
Interim22¢100%28 Feb 200020 Mar 2000
Final22¢100%20 Sep 199916 Oct 1999
Interim22¢100%27 Feb 199923 Mar 1999
Final22¢100%21 Sep 199816 Oct 1998
Interim22¢100%18 Mar 19986 Apr 1998
Final18¢100%22 Sep 199717 Oct 1997
Final13¢100%25 Jun 199615 Jul 1996
Interim11¢100%28 Feb 199629 Mar 1996
Final12¢100%1 Sep 199513 Oct 1995
Interim11.5¢100%15 Mar 199531 Mar 1995
Final12¢100%20 Sep 199414 Oct 1994
Interim11¢100%1 Mar 199415 Mar 1994
Final10¢100%27 Sep 199322 Oct 1993
Interim100%15 Mar 199331 Mar 1993
Final100%17 Sep 199216 Oct 1992
Interim100%16 Mar 199231 Mar 1992
Final100%26 Sep 199118 Oct 1991
Interim6.75¢100%11 Mar 199128 Mar 1991
Final100%26 Sep 199017 Oct 1990
Interim6.75¢100%15 Mar 199030 Mar 1990
Final8.8¢100%27 Sep 198916 Oct 1989
Interim4.4¢100%15 Mar 19895 Apr 1989
Suncorp Dividend, Suncorp Dividend dates, Suncorp dividend History
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