RNT Shares, rent.com.au shares

Rent.com shares made Investors 686% in just two short weeks! This was in February where we covered this substantial unique event and examined what caused this. Today we’re taking another look into RNT and asking Should I Buy RNT Shares in 2021?

Rent.com has been an impressive stock surrounded by a lot of hype in the past few years. It’s easy to see why! They offer an impressive platform. “In Australia, the two most likely places people will look for their new dream home are online residential property marketplaces realestate.com.au and domain.com.au. And these platforms are operated by none other than ASX shares REA Group Limited and Domain Holdings Australia Ltd respectively” Mitchell Lawyer.

How did RNT Shares nearly 8x Investor’s money?

The two weeks of massive gains averaging 45.7% a day occurred in February following a massive $2.75 million investment from tech entrepreneur Bevan Slattery. Technology Mogul Bevan Slattery took part in a strategic placement of RNT.ASX shares on the 2nd Feb 2021, Bev snapped up a total of 40million shares at $0.05/share a cool $2.75 million.

Bevan could also be known for his previous investment in Pointerra (3DP.ASX) which is eerily similar to the recent Rent.com purchase for 2.5million shares at 5c a share. Giving a total of $2.5million worth. 

“I love disruptive platforms that have the ability to scale and rent.com.au has great potential to achieve that goal. I look forward to supporting the board and management team and am excited to be backing another innovative Australian technology platform”

Bevan Slattery

So how has Pointerra Performed?

Following Bevan’s strategic placement at 5c on the 14th of July 2020, the stock price has, for lack of a better phrase, went to the moon. Then trading currently at $0.77. This represents an increase of 1,440%. Today they are still up massively at 50c.

Pointerra Growth Before and After the Placement

Q Before Placement
Q After Placement
Market Cap~35million~550million
Share Price0.050.77
Cash Receipts$609k$635k
Net Cash Used In Operating-$333k-$231k
Cash & Equivelents$2.9million$4.5million
Source Company Reports

As you can see there has been no material change in the cash receipts generated Quarter on Quarter similar to the cash used in operating activities.

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What about Rent.Com Stat’s?

Q Before Placement(29 Jan 2021)Q After Placement(30 April 2021)
Market Cap~20mil53.6mil
Share Price$0.050.135
Cash Receipts$821k$779k
Net Cash Used In Operating-133k-201k
Cash and Equivalents$1.8million$1.8million
Source: Company Reports

Again there has been no real material changes between the quarters.

RNT Shares: Rent Pay Annoucement

On the 6th of May Rent.com launched its RentPay platform to the public. RentPay is a platform of services rather than a single product. RentPay gives the renter flexibility, support, and improved financial wellbeing while agents and landlords receive their rent quickly and reliably.

RNT Shares, rent.com.au shares, RNT share price, rentpay
RentPay Platform

In a nutshell, this platform is designed to help renters pay rent on time and manage their rental money reasonably. Which obviously benefits the agents. To us, this seems bulky and counterintuitive to just paying rent when it’s due. However, we are yet to see how it is adopted into the market long term.

RentPay First 30 Days Update:

  • Overwhelmingly positive customer feedback (4.9 rating in both Google and Apple stores).
  • 2,400 downloads of the app to date, in line with expectations for this phase.
  • Initial optimisation phase coming to an end, marketing efforts to be expanded.
  • Former New York based brand strategy director, Hayley Parker, appointed to lead marketing.

About Rent.com.au Shares

Rent.com.au Shares Limited (RNT, formerly Select Exploration Limited) is Australia’s rental property website, it provides a single marketplace comprising property agents and non-agent landlords listings and a broad range of services needed by all the rental market participants.

Focusing exclusively on the rental market for the growing number of renters in Australia (approximately 7 million), Rent.com.au’s mission is to deliver excellent services for renters and all marketers of rental properties. As increasing numbers of Australians choose renting as a considered lifestyle and investment choice, Rent.com.au is set to become the home for renters with the widest possible choice of homes in one convenient location.

Rent.com.au also offers several exclusive and industry-first products and tools including Renter Resume, RentBond, RentConnect, RentCheck, RentPay, RentReports and more, created to simplify the renting process for renters, landlords and agents.

How Much are Rent.com.au Shares Worth: Current Price

At the beginning of the year, RNT reached a Five-Year high of $0.395 on March 15th. Today the Rent.com share price is $0.14, which is the lower end of its 52-week range of 0.031-0.395. The current share price is down 64% from Rent’s five-year high.

RNT Shares, rent.com.au shares, RNT share price
Rent.com.au Shares Current Price

RNT Shares Investor Sentiment:

After surveying 55 Investors about their current RNT sentiment: BUY-HOLD-SELL as well as their target price over the next 12-months here are the results;

RNT Shares, rent.com.au shares, RNT share price, RNT Investor sentiment

The results from this survey show there is currently strong sentiment favoring a SELL on the RNT share price, with an average price target of $0.1 over the next 12-months.

Should I Buy RNT Shares: Financials

In April RNT released its Quarterly results with the following highlights;

  • Record revenue of $797k, 25% YoY improvement.
  • Core rent.com.au positive EBITDA improves, 3rd consecutive positive quarter.
  • RentPay investment increased ahead of launch, new features added.
  • $3.8m cash on hand at end of quarter, sufficient for launching/operating RentPay.

The results saw strong contributions from both core rent.com.au revenue streams. RNT achieved a record result for Advertising Sales and the 2nd best ever quarter for Renter Products. When compared against the same quarter last year, revenues increased by 25%, which follows similar year over year increases over the previous two quarters.

Should I Buy RNT Shares: Fundamental Analysis

Market Cap$53,683,321
Shares Issued397,654,227
ASX Rank1255
Volume 4W Avg2,356,626
NTA per Share$0
Rent.com.au Shares Fundamentals

Should I Buy RNT Shares: Technical Analysis

The general consensus within the Technical Analysis community is currently bearish on RNT shares. The moving averages and Technical Indicators seem to indicate a Strong Sell.

Here’s a breakdown of the detailed Technical Factors;

Relative Strength Index 30.093Neutral
Stochastic %K 7.407Neutral
Commodity Channel Index −154.882Neutral
Average Directional Index 15.882Neutral
Awesome Oscillator−0.042Neutral
Momentum −0.030Sell
MACD Level −0.017Sell
Stochastic RSI Fast 48.685Neutral
Williams Percent Range −100.000Neutral
Bull Bear Power−0.030Neutral
Ultimate Oscillator 29.818Sell
Source: https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/ASX-RNT/technicals/

Should I Buy RNT Shares: Prophet’s Take

Prophet has brought Rent.Com shares in the past and we intend to hold until the Bevan factor takes full force. At the current, we are considering the RNT share price In-Range.

Please Remember all Articles Published on Prophet Invest are Opinion only

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