msb shares, mesoblast share price asx, mesoblast share

Over the past twelve months Mesoblast shares have been a rollercoaster for investors, taking them from one extreme to another. Are you ready to strap into MSB shares? Let’s take a look at their crazy share price. And let’s see why Motley Fool is writing article, after article, after article, after article…..

Mesoblast Share Price ASX: MSB Shares

Over the past year we can see the MSB share price has been fluctuating massively for a company with a $1.3 Billion Market Cap. Today the Share price is $1.89 after a further 2.33% drop. Over 12 months the stock price is down 48.64%. Over the course of five years the price has remained stagnant.

msb shares, mesoblast share price asx, mesoblast share
Mesoblast Share Price ASX

Why are Mesoblast Shares Falling Today?

Mesoblast is a dual listed company with an ADR, this means it is listed on both the ASX and US NASDAQ stock exchange. Overnight the MESO share price dropped, with the ASX listing MSB following in it’s footsteps today. No announcements were made by the company today.

Mesoblast’s Latest Journal Article

Yesterday mesoblast released an announcement of their journal article, which was published in the medical journal BMC. This was titled “Effect of mesenchymal stromal cell infusions on lung function in COPD patients with high CRP levels”

Here’s the highlights:
  • The greater the degree of inflammation, as measured by elevated CRP levels, the greater the signal of efficacy of remestemcel-L treatment in improving moderate to severe lung disease
  • Significant improvements were observed in each of the pre-specified endpoints of forced expiratory volume, and forced vital capacity, with maximal effects seen at four months (both p <0.01)
  • Significant increases were seen in six-minute walk test which is a major independent predictor of mortality in COPD2
  • In patients with the highest level of CRP (>4mg/L), those who received remestemcel-L were able to walk 55 meters further than placebo-treated patients in the six-minute walk test at four months (p=0.004)

Mesoblast Shares: COVID Play

Mesoblast has found their products Remestemcel-L reduces the mortality rate of COVID patients with moderate to severe ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome).

Not only was it found to reduce mortality but also lead to increased days alive off mechanical ventilation and reduced days in hospital. These factors alone could take a large burden on the cost and availability of healthcare.

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“Remestemcel-L reduced mortality by 75% and increased days alive off mechanical ventilation in patients under age 65 when combined with dexamethasone, in comparison with controls on dexamethasone.”

These were results were also applicable to other causes of ARDS such as influenza, meaning it may have multiple marketing routes aside COVID.


Remestemcel-L is an investigational therapy comprising culture-expanded mesenchymal stromal cells derived from the bone marrow of an unrelated donor. Remestemcel-L is thought to have immunomodulatory properties to counteract the cytokine storms that are implicated in various inflammatory conditions by downregulating the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, increasing production of anti-inflammatory cytokines, and enabling recruitment of naturally occurring anti-inflammatory cells to involved tissues.

Fast Tracked

Last year the FDA granted Fast Track designation to remestemcel-L (Mesoblast) for the treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) due to COVID-19.

Mesoblast Current Pipeline
msb shares, mesoblast share price asx, mesoblast share, MSB Pipeline

The Announcements Behind the Rollercoaster

Here’s a look at the 5 announcements driving the MSB shares price crazy this year.

msb shares, mesoblast share price asx, mesoblast share, MSB announcements

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