Integrated Payment Technologies Limited (InPayTech) (IP1 Shares) is an Australia-based company engaged in developing a technology to facilitate the secure storage and transmission of data concerning payments.

So Why are InPayTech (IP1 Shares) shooting up a massive 9% today! (

From the Companies H1 Report December, the InPayTech Lists the below as the current Principal Activities of the company

  1. ClickSuper which provides clearinghouse services for large employers with 20 or more employees and for SMEs with
    less than 20 employees;
  2. Payment Adviser which facilitates payments and communication of remittance data between the payer and payee
    using the patents granted or pending to Jagwood;
  3. PayVu which incorporates ClickSuper and Payment Adviser functionality and interfaces to cloud-based accounting software to provide payments via internet banking;
  4. ClickVu which is designed to provide a transformative platform for the repurposing of quality data for worker financial
    wellbeing; and
  5. Jagwood which has patents granted in Asia (i.e. Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China) and the Western World (USA, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand) in addition to a patent-pending in Canada

Essentially Prophet interprets this company as providing disbursement services for superannuation, salaries and other payroll deductions via the ClickSuper clearinghouse and gateway solution

InPayTech had no Announcements Today.

With no announcements being made to the market today, one can assume that movements are related to volatility in such a small market cap company. Volume has remained relatively consistent within recent days. We see this move as part of the expected volatility which comes with such a small-cap company.

So why did InPayTech (IP1 Shares) shoot up a massive 9% today!

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InPayTech 4C, released 28th April 2021

In Appendix 4C released to the market on the 28th of April, the company highlights the following points:

  1. Appointment of a new CEO
  2. The merger of InPayTech with Comply Path Pty Ltd completed successfully
  3. New CEO appointed to oversee the combined group’s strategy
  4. Integration of the business onto ‘one platform’ ahead of schedule
  5. Implemented strategic and coordinated approach to new products and price increases in the ClickSuper product
  6. A strong cash position of $3,712K (as stated in our Appendix 4C)
  7. Based on our business-as-usual revenue and subject to the success of current client contract negotiations.

Prophet would like to highlight the appointment of the new CEO and the merger of InPayTech and Comply Path.

Prophet Invest Community Consensus

We surveyed numerous Prophet Invest members and the community consensus was the below:

InPayTech (IP1.ASX) Shares shoot up a massive 9% today, Inpaytech, IP1 shares
Source: Raw Data from survey results

Most Prophet community investors surveyed were overally bullish on the stock!

Prophet’s Take

Whilst it’s hard to go against community sentiment sometimes, it is very hard to get excited over the companies prospects.

The company like many microcaps operates at a loss. Whilst the company conducted a capital raise back in February we believe without further innovation and growth the company will struggle to utilize this cash wisely and we will see it slowly dwindle away.

We would like to see more innovation from InPayTech to justify an investment. We will revisit InPayTech in the future should additional innovations arise.

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