Why Partner with Prophet Invest?

Prophet Invest was founded to help cut the journalism out of stock media. Prophet has the goal of educating millions of young millennial investors looking to start on their journey. We recognised that the typical stock market-based media was targetted at headline-grabbing jargon-filled articles. We at Prophet want to add more value to our audience. You can benefit from our highly engaged audience and advertise with us!

All the content on our website is 100% free, we don’t charge viewers for access to articles as we want to be able to provide as much value and education to our audience.

Who is Prophets Target Market?

Prophet Invest has a community of over 88k viewers per month. Currently making us the largest provider of independent share media in the country. Metrics show that the large majority of the audience is based in Australia with some North American viewers.

Returning user retention is very strong with the average number of articles per visit high at over 3.5 articles.

For advertising, marketing and partnership inquiries please contact:

Josh, CEO & Co-Founder:¬†[email protected]