Prophet Invest has the mission to share our thoughts with millions of people on all things shares, crypto, wealth, and property.

We want to work with some of the biggest people in the industry and write about the current news. We have the dream to one day be a financial media powerhouse eclipsing the AFR.

Who Are We:

We are two brothers from Brisbane Australia, who started investing as soon as we were legally able to open a brokerage account. We have had some very good years and a few lessons.

We want to share our experiences and opinions with you all and have a discussion. We like all things FIRE, MONEY, and PROPERTY.

Who We Are Not:

We are not investment or financial professionals. We are just two enthusiasts that love the world of finance.

What Matters:

Countless times we have seen fear and greed overwhelm new investors to the market. We like to take a deep dive into the world of investing, the history of financial markets, and analyze individual stocks to create our opinion. We like to think that we bring quality content where others fail.

“BET BIG, When the ODDS are stacked HEAVILY in YOUR FAVOUR”…

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As always feel free to contact us anytime, we are open to any opportunities and want to meet and learn from people in the industry.

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